"My Vision is a Stress-Free, Violence-Free World"


Human Life Care Organization is a voluntary organisation promoted by likeminded educationists ,doctors, experts to bring a progressive change in the existing social setup. Human Life Care Organization started in 2004 s a result of the vision of a couple of committed individuals (Dr. Naveen Arya , Dr. Anju Arya, OP Arya and BM Shingari). The basic aim of this NGO is to work towards creating a humane and congenial society where our future generations can live in peace and harmony, radiating happiness all around. Millennium Project of United Nation Development Programme that is:

  • This Organization shares the firm belief that the role of women, their mental make up and social-economic status is the basis for shaping our future society. Thus there is dire necessity for social and economic upliftment of women. Promote gender equality and empower woman. Specially awakening of women against social evils like female feticide, dowry system, sexual harassment and mainly on female education.
  • Human Life Care Organization, an NGO working incessantly and tirelessly for the cause of the downtrodden section of society, today took another step in public welfare by organizing FREE EYE CAMPS. 200 people attended the camp out of whom 11 people were identified for free cataract operations and 16 patients not willing to go for surgery and 19 patients were unfit for the surgery and rest patients were advised to wear spectacles.
  • Spread education by camps, seminars, symposium against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, and other major diseases mainly in slum areas.

Our Mission

The MISSION of Human Life Care Organization is to bring a perceptible change in the present social set-up. It is an endeavor for a better tomorrow for ALL LIVING BEING.

Weight Management | Dr. Naveen Arya

According to the Ayurvedic principals it is kafaj dhatu disorder
and thus it results in increase in medo dhatu.